Lindt Excellence Assorted Dark Pouch

Excellence chocolate is highly refined and delicately smooth. The assortment offers a strong but not overly intense, cocoa flavour with subtle fruit and floral undertones and natural vanilla. Excellence is a full-bodied chocolate, masterfully balanced for bittersweet undertones in a covenient resealable package.
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105g net
  • Dark Chocolate Assorted Pouch
Nutrition facts

Lindt Excellence Assorted Dark Nutritional Label

Lindt Excellence Assorted Dark Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa, demerara sugar, milk ingredients, orange, apple, soya lecithin, natural & artificial flavour, pineapple fibres, sea salt, sodium alginate, calcium orthophosphate, citric acid. May contain almonds and hazelnuts
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