Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Is there gluten or barley malt in Lindt chocolate?  

At this time we cannot guarantee that Lindt chocolates are 100% gluten free. Our white and extra dark (70% cocoa and more chocolate products do not contain barley malt extracts. However, because they run on the same production lines as other products, there can be a possibility of cross contamination. Lindt is aware of the growing prevalence of Celiac Disease and other conditions. We are sensitive to the fact that these large groups of consumers are unable to enjoy our chocolate at this time. 

Which Lindt chocolate products are tree nut allergen safe?

Unfortunately, no Lindt product is 100% guaranteed tree nut allergen safe. The “may contain peanuts and tree nuts” warning informs you that the product may contain minute traces of tree nuts or peanuts. All Lindt manufacturing facilities process tree nut products, so there is a potential for cross contamination.  Though Lindt incorporates the most thorough cleaning process, trace amounts may cross contact with other products within the factory. Lindt is aware of the growing prevalence of restricted diets due to tree nut allergies and we are sensitive to the fact that these consumers may not be able to enjoy our chocolate at this time.

Does Lindt & Sprüngli Canada sell chocolate products suitable for people with lactose intolerance?

Lindt uses whole milk, skim milk and other dairy ingredients on many chocolate products. While our white and milk chocolate products contain the most, our 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% bars do not have milk products as an ingredient. All Lindt manufacturing facilities process milk, dark and white chocolate products. We have an allergen control program in place and adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination, however, we do label all of our chocolate products that do not contain milk as an ingredient with the statement “may contain milk” as a precaution for those that are most sensitive to milk and milk ingredients. For those reasons, Lindt does not have products suitable for people with severe lactose intolerance. 

Does Lindt & Sprüngli Canada sell soy lecithin free chocolate?

Soy lecithin can be found in our regular dark chocolate products, as well as milk and white chocolate. The excellence 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% bars do not contain soy lecithin as an ingredient. We have an allergen control program in place and adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination. However, we do label all of our products with “may contain soy” as a precaution for the most sensitive consumers.

Do all Excellence bars include sesame allergen warning?

We do have a facility that produces products containing sesame. As such, we take precautions to safe-guard our consumers’ health by including the sesame allergen warning on the packaging. Our LINDOR range and Swiss Classic Line remain sesame free. We also sell EXCELLENCE bars that are manufactured in a different facility and will not carry a sesame warning. Please, check the ingredient list each time to verify if a product contains sesame as an ingredient or to ensure against cross contamination.

Does Lindt chocolate contain alcohol?      

A few Lindt chocolate products do contain alcohol. Before consuming Lindt chocolate always review the ingredient listing on the back of the packaging.  

Does Lindt chocolate contain eggs?  

Some Lindt chocolate products do contain eggs in their fillings. Before consuming Lindt chocolate always review the ingredient listing and the allergen statement on the back of the packaging.

Does Lindt & Sprüngli Canada sell sugar free chocolate?  

Lindt & Sprüngli Canada does not sell sugar free chocolate. You may try the 85% bar which has 4g of sugar per 30g serving or the 70% bar which has 8g of sugar per serving. We also have a 99% cocoa bar, which is usually reserved for baking purposes or for really special treats.

Are Lindt chocolate products Kosher?    

Lindt Canada products are not Kosher certified.

Are Lindt chocolate products suitable for vegetarians? 

We are delighted to inform you that our chocolates are suited for vegetarians. The only ingredients of animal origin we use to manufacture some of our chocolates are milk, milk products, milk fat and cream, and sometimes eggs. You can find and check the exact list of ingredients on the back of the package.


Miscellaneous Chocolate and Chocolate products Questions

What are the origins of the cocoa beans used in Lindt chocolate? 

Lindt cocoa beans are sourced from several South American and Caribbean countries and from Ghana, in Africa. Lindt Chocolate uses an exclusive blend of superior quality cocoa beans, from different origins, which give Lindt products their distinctive, rich taste. The exact blend of cocoa beans remains a highly guarded secret.  You can read more about cocoa sourcing on the Sustainability section.

Is white chocolate truly chocolate?  

A much debated question, but the answer is yes. Real white chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder as basic ingredients. With the cocoa butter being an important ingredient in the recipe, it is considered “chocolate”. All Lindt white chocolate products are made with a high percentage of cocoa butter.

Is Lindt chocolate GMO free?

The entire Lindt product range is GMO free.

What does 70% Cacao (or any other percentage of cacao) mean? 

The percentage (%) quantifies the amount of cocoa solids contained in the chocolate. This includes cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. For example:

  • Excellence 70% cacao bar contains 70% cacao solids
  • Excellence 85% cacao bar contains 85% cacao solids

Lindt Dark chocolate used for bars has 43% minimum cocoa content and can be higher depending on the product. Milk chocolate usually has a 30% minimum cocoa content.

What is the white coat on my bar / ball?

The white coat that sometime appears on the surface of dark chocolate especially can be fat bloom or sugar bloom. Fat bloom is correlated to temperature fluctuations and prolonged storage and comes from the migration of cocoa butter to the chocolate surface. Chocolate becomes dull, white coloured and feels greasy to the touch. Sugar bloom is similar, but the chocolate adopts a dull, tannish-white colour and feels gritty to the touch. It is caused by condensation of water vapour in the air on the chocolate surface. Fat and sugar bloom are usually caused by inappropriate storage. While less attractive, bloomed products are safe to eat.


What is the best way to store chocolate?

To maintain the high quality of Lindt products during storage, chocolate should be kept preferably in a cool and dry environment (temperature 16o to 18oC / humidity 40 to 65 %).

Can chocolate be refrigerated?

Yes, most chocolate can be refrigerated, if under the following conditions:

  • Place entire package into a sealed plastic bag to protect it from moisture and transfer of foreign flavours.
  • For the best taste experience and to prevent condensation, slowly warm up the chocolate to room temperature (up to 2 hours at 18oC), while still in the plastic bag.

Can I have a list of available Lindor ball flavours?

Please, click on the following link to see our most updated list

Can I buy in US on line and have the product delivered in Canada?

Unfortunately, while Lindt US does not accept International credit cards or ship Internationally, you can now order Lindt Chocolates in Canada online and collect them at select Lindt Chocolate Shops. Get details here.

Special events

Does Lindt & Sprüngli Canada offer wedding and special event chocolate favours?

Yes, Lindt & Sprüngli Canada offers wedding and special event chocolate favours. From the Lindt Outlet Boutiques section of the Website, under Weddings & Special Occasions Chocolate, you can download our brochure of beautiful and unique gifts. Also, you can visit or call one of our Lindt Outlet Boutiques and let our professional and knowledgeable staff help you create the perfect gift for your special occasion. Don’t forget to ask about Lindt’s volume discounts!


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