Lindt LINDOR Double Chocolate Mini Balls Bag, 100g

Alcohol Free

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Featuring delicate milk chocolate shells filled with irresistibly smooth melting dark chocolate centres, Lindt LINDOR Double Chocolate Mini Balls are a premium confection for any chocolate aficionado. The smaller mini size makes each individually wrapped gourmet chocolate the perfect decadent bite, delivering sophisticated craftsmanship and unparalleled taste in every miniature treat. Since 1845, Lindt Maître Chocolatiers have brought passion and pride to producing quality Swiss chocolate. Premium chocolate begins with premium ingredients, and Lindt is one of the only large-scale chocolate makers in the world to oversee every step in its chocolate-making process. Through its innovative farming program, Lindt can trace every cacao bean used back to its farm of origin, ensuring extraordinary chocolate flavour in every bite. Lindt chocolate is perfect for sharing, entertaining, or treating yourself, and it makes a wonderful gift. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place to ensure quality.