LINDOR Layer Cake

It's a chocolate lover's dream: dark chocolate layers and frosting with a LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffle garnish.

Hot Chocolate Cream Puffs

Lindor Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup

Swiss Classic Chocolate & Strawberry Trifle

Christmas Gift Ideas

Best for baking

Lindt Excellence Chocolate Eggnog

Lindt Panettone Baked French Toast


Lindt Dutch Chocolate Speculaas Cookies

A delicious and fun take on a European favourite. 

The Spicy Monk

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Serve these spoons dipped in creamy chocolate alongside coffee as a gourmet sweetener

Bourbon Brownie Bites

These brownies double as a (delicious) DIY Father’s Day gift.

Lindt Chocolate Spread Swirl Muffins

Meet your new favourite breakfast treat.