You choose the moment, we provide the bliss

LINDOR is made for your most relaxed moments. Slip into a space wholly your own when you bite into the delicate shell of a LINDOR chocolate truffle.

Unwind, relax, let time stand still and just be.

Are you ready to discover your LINDOR moment? Unwind, relax, let time stand still and just be. When you break the chocolate shell of a LINDOR truffle, the irresistibly smooth centre starts to melt – and so will you. Your senses will be enveloped by the smooth melting texture and delectable taste of LINDOR crafted meticulously by the Lindt Maître Chocolatiers.

Let us inspire your very own blissful moments with LINDOR

Bowl of Lindor with a book.

Curl up with a good book

Get into your comfiest clothes and curl up on your sofa. Take one unputdownable book and a handful of LINDOR and sink into the deliciousness of a page turner and velvety Swiss chocolate. Pure bliss.

Settle into the sofa for some quality screen time

What are you in the mood for? Binge-watching a new series? A weepy rom-com? Or maybe a pull-the-cushion-over-your-eyes horror? Set the scene by turning the lights down low and grab plenty of LINDOR chocolate truffles for that extra bit of comfort. Better than any movie snack.

Bowl of Lindor with cheese and wine.
Bowl of Lindor with at-home spa treatments.

Treat yourself to an at-home spa day

What you'll need: a face mask and one box of your favourite delectable LINDOR truffles. During your DIY facial and manicure, treat yourself to some sumptuous, melting, blissful LINDOR chocolate.

Create a calming ritual

Had a long day? Work busy? Kids go to bed later than you hoped? There are many reasons why you need a quiet moment to yourself - to reset and recentre. Make a ritual out of these moments of calm with LINDOR Swiss chocolate truffles. Savour every second of this moment of bliss.

Calming cup of tea with Lindor.
Row of Lindor on a dinner party napkin and plate.

Celebrate in style

Honour special occasions by sprucing up your celebratory dinners and get-togethers with some LINDOR glitz and glam. Sprinkle them across the table, attach them to seating cards or stack them high for a stunning centre piece. We promise your guests will love it.

Create a calming ritual

The secret to pure bliss

Fine hard outer shell. Creamy, smooth-melting filling. It’s not hard to tell why LINDOR chocolate truffles are one of our most beloved products around the globe. Find out from our Lindt Maître Chocolatiers what makes LINDOR so deliciously smooth.

Gifting something sweet

Give that special someone the gift of pure bliss with Lindt chocolate. Say ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’ with the perfect melt-in-the-mouth Swiss chocolate. You’re not just gifting chocolate; you’re gifting a moment to savour.

How LINDOR came to be

Did you know LINDOR initially referred to a bar of creamy, smooth chocolate first produced in 1949? The iconic truffles we associate them with today only appeared on the shelves 20 years later – but vanished soon after. Curious to know what happened?