Lindt Hot Chocolate Mocha

Try this delicious homemade, velvety chocolate mocha that is perfect to have on a cold winter day, especially after an afternoon of outdoor skating. There's nothing like a homemade, velvety chocolate mocha to warm you up. Plus there's a certain nostalgia in drinking hot chocolate that you never outgrow.

10 minutes
1 person


Step 1.

Melt chocolate. Use a double boiler or set a heatproof bowl on top of a saucepan with a few inches of simmering water. Alternatively, microwave on medium and stir after each 20-second interval until chocolate is smooth.

Step 2.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan or metal steamer jug, combine milk and espresso; heat over medium-high heat, whisking occasionally (or steam with steamer wand on espresso machine) until hot. Transfer to mug, stirring to mix with chocolate.

Step 3.

Garnish: In a second saucepan, whisk milk over medium-high heat (or steam with wand on espresso machine) until hot and frothy. Spoon over chocolate mixture and serve.

Step 4.

Note: You can use any of your favourite Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Chocolate flavours in this recipe. Garnish finished hot chocolate with additional shaved chocolate if desired.


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