Lindt Chocolate Christmas Trees

You can also use these edible treats as festive Christmas decorations.

Chocolatier Tip: Decorate the serving plate with your favourite Lindor truffles.

Learn how to temper chocoate here.

40 minutes
1 person


Step 1.

Melt and temper the chocolate.

Step 2.

Using a brush, generously brush the outside of the waffle cone with the chocolate.

Step 3.

Lightly crush the cornflakes and stick onto the cone. You might have to coax them slightly to ensure the entire cone is covered for a natural look. Place in the fridge.

Step 4.

After around five minutes, take out of the fridge. Gently and generously brush the outside with chocolate.

Step 5.

Before the chocolate fully sets, place a few silver sugar pearls as tree decorations or dust with coconut or icing sugar for a snowstorm.


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