LINDOR Advent Calendar

Lindor Advent Calendar, a classic way to keep the tradition of “Counting down to Christmas” ongoing. Lindt makes waiting for Christmas day so much more special. Each day unravels a Christmas favourite behind the doors....Lindt Mini Balls, Lindt Teddy and Friends, Lindor Balls and Lindt Double Milk Balls…all hand-crafted by Lindt’s Maîtres Chocolatiers, especially for you.
158g net
  • Lindor Advent Calendar
Nutrition facts

Lindor Advent Calender Nutritional Label

Lindor Advent Calender Ingredients: Sugar, milk ingredients, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, lactose, coconut oil, hazelnuts, palm kernel oil, soya lecithin, barley malt extract, artificial flavour. May contain peanuts and other tree nuts. 
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