Speak Up About Your Concern


At Lindt & Sprüngli, we are committed to conducting business with fairness and integrity, and with respect for laws and our values. Equally, we expect similar conduct from all third parties, such as suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, with whom we engage to support our daily business. Such commitments and expectations are set out in Lindt & Sprüngli Codes of Conduct (Business and Supplier) and key policies such as the Human Rights Policy and Speak Up Policy.

The below information describes when, who and how to use the Speak Up Line, what happens after you tell us about your concern, and additional important information.

When to use the Speak Up Line

If you experience, see, or are informed about an incident or circumstance which has happened or you believe may happen, and which is not consistent with our Codes of Conduct, policies, laws and regulations, you are encouraged to firstly seek to resolve it with your point of contact at Lindt & Sprüngli. If you consider your concern remains unresolved and/or if you wish to report anonymously, please speak up about your concern via the Lindt & Sprüngli Speak Up Line. This includes, for example, conduct which presents risk or violation of human rights such as health and safety risks, harassment and discrimination at work, and environment related concerns. It can also be used to raise concerns about illegal criminal acts such as bribery.

When not to use the Speak Up Line

The Speak Up Line should not be used in the instance of the below:

  • work-related grievances such as disagreements between employees, suspension or termination of employment. For such issues, you should contact your HR representative where it is appropriate to do so;
  • reporting health, safety or property-related issues;
  • to report consumer complaints or questions. Please refer to the “contact us” section of the respective Lindt & Sprüngli country website.

Who can use the Speak Up Line

It is open to persons, community representatives and organisations to raise concerns which are related to our business and supply chain. This includes, but is not limited to, employees and workers of Lindt & Sprüngli companies, its suppliers and business partners, community members.

How to use the Speak Up Line

  1. To raise a concern, you can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year by calling our toll-free number or click on this link to provide a written report.
  2. Our Speak Up Line is currently available in 19 languages.
  3. Provide us with as much information on the issue as you can and are comfortable with.
  4. If you feel comfortable to do so, provide your name and contact details. This will help us to investigate the issue.
  5. You can also raise an issue anonymously, without providing your name or contact details, although this may limit our ability to fully investigate.
  6. You will receive a Grievance ID – it is important that you note this ID to communicate and receive updates.

The below diagram illustrates the journey of a case from the moment it is received until a final decision is communicated:

Speak Up - The journey of your report

How we organise our Speak Up Line

  • Our Speak Up Line is free of charge.
  • Our process is safe and can be trusted.
  • We aim to make it accessible.
  • We have a robust process in place to ensure confidentiality of your identity and communication, and procedures to protect data.
  • Group Compliance is responsible for our Speak Up Line, supported by a person appointed to manage the investigation. These persons are impartial and use a gender sensitive approach.
  • Persons raising their genuine concerns via our Speak Up Line should not be disadvantaged or subject to any form of threats, retribution, or punishment. If you believe you may be at risk please contact compliance@lindt.com, a mailbox which is accessed and managed by Group Compliance. Note if you report this way, your email address will be known to Group Compliance. Alternatively, you can raise a new case in the Speak Up Line to preserve your anonymity.

What happens once you report

Your concern will follow our below process. In a confidential way, we will communicate that your concern has been received. Then, you will receive updates and, with consideration of your voiced concerns, a final decision will be communicated to you. Appropriate action to remediate the issue will be taken as needed. Ensuring confidentiality and anonymity is important to us, even after the complaints procedure has been completed.

Summary Procedure

Speak Up - Summary Procedure Diagram

Translation Disclaimer

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