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Discover the difference that sets Lindt chocolate apart from the rest, and what makes up our perfect combination of passion, art and expertise.

Lindt Master Chocolatier smoothing out chocolate in a mould.

History of Lindt

Take a step back in time experience the rich history of Lindt chocolate. Starting with our revolutionary inventions – leading up to the finest chocolate we still produce today. Discover how we came to be.

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The Journey From Bean To Bar – To You

At Lindt, we take pride in the chocolate we have so passionately created since 1845. We aim to make the finest chocolate that is matched by equally high ethical and sustainability standards. That way, you are able to wholeheartedly indulge your senses, every single time.

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Cocoa farmers holding a basket of cocoa pods over their heads.

Meet the Lindt Mâitre Chocolatiers

With outposts all over the world, each of our Mâitre Chocolatier brings their own unique perspective, palette and culinary background to the kitchen. Get inspired by their stories on chocolate making, baking and their exquisite creations.

Woman enjoying a moment of bliss with Lindor.

The Bliss Moment

Even when you're between holidays, you can still steal a moment of bliss for yourself anytime you like. Let us inspire your moment with some tips and ideas.

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Perfect Pairings

Pairing your favourite chocolates with certain flavour profiles can create a whole new experience. Hosting a pairing event or just enjoying a cozy night in? Get inspired with our pairing suggestions from the chocolate experts.

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A stack of Lindt Chocolate paired with a bottle of red wine.

Bake with Lindt

Trust the chocolate experts for delicious recipes. We have the perfect indulgence for any occasion and a range of recipes for every culinary ability. Learn from our Master Chocolatiers and discover your very own taste of Lindt with tips, tricks and treats.

Meet Roger

Roger is highly admired across the world; not just for his extraordinary success as a sportsman, but for his down to earth personality which has won him legions of loyal fans.