Special delivery to a Zurich wedding

Try that

A love of chocolate lasts forever. There are countless stories of that. We would like to tell you one such story.

Tears of emotion

The year was 1964. There is a parcel in the milk box at Lindt & Sprüngli. In it, a beautiful box. A case for the Maître Chocolatier at LINDT! He gently opens the box and sees 14 pieces of chocolate, beautifully packed and arranged, with six empty spaces. Plus a letter in the squiggly handwriting of an elderly lady. The Maître Chocolatier raises his eyebrows as he reads. He is touched.

What a gift!

The year is 1853, and there is a wedding in Zurich. David Sprüngli has created a very special type of chocolate for the bride, and it is particularly beautifully packed; each piece is wrapped in decorative paper. The bride puts the gift to one side. She does not open the box until the guests have left. She pops a piece in her mouth and closes her eyes. She savours the taste. And she knows: This sweetness is an omen that also promises happiness for future generations too. She keeps this gift, and does not eat a single piece more.

From bride to bride

Twenty years later, her daughter marries. Time to retrieve the box from its hiding place. She hands it over to her daughter, the bride, as a gift, for luck. With the advice to only enjoy one single piece, and to pass the box on to her own daughter one day. What a beautiful thought! And thus the wedding chocolate is passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from bride to bride.

Passed the test of time!

One hundred and eleven years later in the food laboratory at Lindt & Sprüngli: To great delight, the chocolate is found to be still in impeccable condition. What real love can achieve! Stories like this one mean a great deal to us. They show us what happiness our chocolate can generate.

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