LINDOR - sweet gold

The LINDOR Experience

Holding a Lindor truffle in your hands is such an indescribable feeling. Engaging all of your senses, you are delighted with the smell of the sweet chocolate as you place the soft foil into your hands and slowly unwrap the delicious chocolate. As you delicately unwrap, you are presented with a perfectly round chocolate truffle. Placing it into your fingers, it slowly begins to melt, which means you should eat it quickly! What follows from unwrapping such a beautifully crafted chocolate is pure, sweet gold. This is the true Lindor experience.


Over 60 years ago the first Lindor chocolate truffle was created. The LINDT Maître Chocolatier and his colleagues were busy creating delectable chocolate delights, and had no idea that they were about to come across something truly unique and as precious as chocolate “sweet gold’. Whilst the word LINDT epitomises the finest chocolate, the French word for gold “Or” was used to name the creation of the beautiful chocolate truffle, Lindor.

A proven gem

The Lindor name promised pure gold and it kept its promise! It was hardly surprising considering that the chocolate was so smooth and irresistible; it immediately left everyone in Switzerland wanting more! Virtually everyone in Switzerland in 1949 celebrated Christmas with Lindor, and after the festive season passed, everyone found themselves wanting more... Was Lindor only just for Christmas?

Launch of sweet gold

The year was 1949, and daily life in Switzerland took its course with a festive mood in the air in the lead up to the bustling Christmas season. Now that the LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers had created a new, melt-in-the-mouth sensation, Lindor, the chocolate delight made its way into the shops and into the hearts of Swiss people just in time for Christmas to make life just that bit sweeter!

The Lindor truffle’s red, shiny appearance made it festive, just like a Christmas bauble and this was why it was perfect for the Christmas season in bringing joy and delight into Swiss homes. But just after the New Year, when Lindor disappeared from the shelves many chocolate connoisseurs were left yearning for this chocolate delight, and the Maîtres Chocolatiers weren’t satisfied with this result. What should be done to remedy this situation?

The golden solution

The LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers wanted Lindor truffles to become a blissful treat every month of the year, and they worked their magic to make this dream to come true. Based on the exquisite truffle ball, the Maîtres Chocolatiers also endeavoured to create other Lindor melting experiences in different formats, such as in chocolate bars, in Easter eggs and in other chocolate treats. Of course, these new creations based on the famous recipe melted in the mouth perfectly. Since then aficionados and connoisseurs have enjoyed their favourite chocolate all year round and agree that Lindor is right for any season. Whether it’s snowing or the sun is shining, Lindor is perfect for any moment...

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