Discover a NEW way to love Lindt with Lindt Chocolate Spreads!

Lindt Chocolate Spreads offer a premium chocolate experience in two irresistible flavors- classic Hazelnut Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Masterfully crafted by the Lindt Maitre Chocolatiers, Lindt Chocolate spreads are made with the finest ingredients.

Our Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate spread contains 25% hazelnuts from Italy and both contain our delectable Lindt chocolate. Savour the difference mastery makes.

A sensory chocolate spread experience that elevates any moment requiring a touch of chocolate.

The possibilities are endless for enjoying NEW Lindt Chocolate Spreads!

Lindt Chocolate Spreads are a perfect treat for yourself or someone you love. Spread on croissant, dipped with fruit, topped on desserts, or used for baking in your favourite recipes.

Lindt Chocolate Spreads are the ideal accompaniment for every eating occasion from breakfast and brunch to tea time, dessert and midnight snacking.

Delicious, any way you spread it! Available at all Lindt Chocolate Shops as well as limited distribution across Canada.

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