Chocolate & Wine

Step by step guide to wine and chocolate tasting

To best enjoy your wine and chocolate tasting experience, it’s important to tap into all five of your senses. First open the wine, then the chocolate. These are sensory pleasures, so be sure to listen to the rustle of the silver paper and slowly tear off the top of the paper to reveal the delicious chocolate. Smell the chocolate and savour the aroma before breaking off a diamond. Take a small piece and let it melt slowly in your mouth. To fully appreciate the chocolate’s scent, make sure you inhale through your mouth and out through your nose – this allows for the flavours and aromas to fully penetrate your senses. Think about the aroma, consider the flavour, texture and how long it lingers. What does it remind you?

Now do the same with the wine. Pour it into the glass, look at the colour, smell it, enjoy the aroma. Take a sip and before you swallow, savour the flavours. Is dry or sweet? How fresh and fruity is it? Does it feel light in the mouth or weighty and viscous? Now it’s time to taste the two together. Take another small piece of chocolate, and allow it to begin melting in your mouth. Then take a sip of the wine. As you swallow the chocolate and the wine think about how the flavours work together. Are they both equally sweet? Do the flavours of the wine and chocolate meet at the end, or do they stand apart? Is the combination better than the two separate parts? Repeat the process with different combinations to experience the very different and delightful tastes each pairing brings.

Try LINDT EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa with Chilean Merlot

Chilean Merlot - This dark bar hides a complexity of flavours. Discover honey and caramel, roses, red fruits in the aromas, and a rich range of flavour in the mouth. Pick a wine with red fruit characters to add an extra dimension to the dark chocolate. Experiment with a Chilean Merlot or Australian Grenache: bold, with lively red berries, and a smooth juicy finish.

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