A table set with Lindt Chocolate Spread, french toast, LINDOR truffles and coffee.
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02 December 2021

4 Ways to Enjoy Lindt Chocolate Spreads

Get into the festive spirit with the tastiest holiday pantry must-have: Lindt Chocolate Spreads, available in two delicious flavours – dark chocolate and milk hazelnut. Lindt Maître Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer, keeps a jar on hand for when guests come over: “Quite a few of my friends are big fans.” Here are four super-simple ways to enjoy Lindt Chocolate Spreads. 

  1. Use half a jar in our Chocolatier-inspired Lindt Panettone Baked French Toast.
  2. Top your breakfast toast with spread and sprinkle with toppings like sliced banana, toasted nuts and pumpkin seeds.
  3. Use it in place of chocolate chips in your favourite baked goods.
  4. Add a jar to gifts for friends, family and colleagues.