A LINDOR chocolate garland adorns a shelf decorated for Christmas.
Expertise Your Life with Lindt Expertise
30 November 2021

Christmas LINDOR Garland

By Jordan Ferney of ohhappyday.com.

Materials for the Christmas LINDOR Garland: a pair of scissors, LINDOR Truffles, a spool of thin gold ribbon and a roll of red crepe paper.


  • LINDOR Truffles of your choice (1 for every 3.5cm of ribbon)
  • Ribbon cut to desired length of garland with additional length to spare
  • Crêpe paper (between 5 and 10 pieces, depending on the length of garland)
  • Flat head pins
  • Cocktail sticks or round toothpicks
  • LINDOR Truffles — an 18-inch tree uses about 48 truffles (3 bags)
  • Scissors


  1. Make the garland base by cutting a piece of ribbon to your desired length and begin tying the Lindt chocolates to the ribbon.

    Hands on either side of a LINDOR chocolate truffle pulling a knot of gold ribbon tight along one end of the wrapper.
  2. Cut pieces of crêpe paper in different colours that are about 6 cm x 13 cm. Make sure the grain of the paper is vertical.
    a hand holds a large piece of red crepe paper while scissors cut a small strip
  3. Stretch the pieces of paper so they get longer.
    Hands folding a red piece of crepe paper back and forth like an accordian.
  4. Fold the papers into fans.
    Hands pinching a folded piece of red crepe paper to make a bow shape.
  5. Using a piece of ribbon the same colour as the base garland, tie a knot in the centre of each fan so that it creates a strand of bows.
    Hands tying a thin gold ribbon around a small bunch of red crepe paper.
  6. Tie the strand of bows to the chocolate garland base.
    A gold ribbon strung with  LINDOR Truffles in red and silver foil wrappers, tied at the top with a bow.