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02 December 2021

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

LINDOR Truffles always make a great stocking stuffer. This year, try our new 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle or select one of our limited-edition seasonal flavors. 1. A black and gold LINDOR truffle  2. A red, green and white striped LINDOR truffle 3. A red gold and white LINDOR Truffle 4. A blue and white LINDOR Truffle with a snowman and snowflakes depicted on the wrapper.

  1. LINDOR 70% CACAO DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE Dark chocolate lovers will adore this brand new LINDOR Truffle with a 70% cacao shell and a dark chocolate centre.
  2. LINDOR PEPPERMINT COOKIE TRUFFLE This milk chocolate truffle is infused with cookie pieces and a peppermint centre. Cue applause.
  3. LINDOR CANDY CANE TRUFFLE If you enjoy this traditional treat, you’ll love it reimagined as a white chocolate truffle.
  4. LINDOR SNOWMAN TRUFFLE Building a snowman never tasted so delicious, especially one with a milk chocolate shell and smooth white chocolate filling.