23 December 2020

Fancy Table Flair

Your guests will be impressed with this personalized touch that adds a bit of drama to your holiday dinner table.


  • Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Praline
  • White cloth napkins
  • Paper name tags
  • 20 cm gold wired ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Seasonal greens


  1. Roll your napkin and wrap the gold wire ribbon around the centre, securing it into a bow. This will act as your napkin ring.
  2. Use the wire or string to secure a blank name tag to the bow and lay it flat on top of the napkin.
  3. Slip a piece of boxwood, cedar or other seasonal foliage under the bow. You can find these items at your closest flower shop or garden centre.
  4. Wrap the wire ribbon around a pen to create the spirals, the smaller the pen the tighter the spirals.
  5. Set your napkin roll onto the plate. Place the Swiss Luxury Selection Praline on top of the blank name card and primp as needed for a beautiful and delicious start to your Christmas dinner.

Chocolatier Tip: Use pinecones as a unique name tag stand to add a natural and personal touch to your table. Don’t have time for a trip to the flower shop? Take a look around your yard to see what your garden has to offer. Sometimes the most beautiful pieces are closest to home.