LINDOR chocolate truffles in a box next to a Christmas tree.
Expertise Your Life with Lindt Expertise
01 November 2021

Find Your Perfect Tree


When you see a tree you like, gently run your hands over the branches to make sure the needles don’t come off easily. The outer branches of the tree should bend and have some flexibility. Walk around the tree and check for discolouration, bald spots, wrinkled bark or a musty smell. Make sure there aren’t too many needles on the ground beneath it. And finally, don’t forget to bring a tape measure to ensure the height and width of the tree can fit your space (and through your door). It doesn’t matter how perfect the tree is if it doesn’t fit in that perfect spot. 


Trim half an inch off the trunk before placing it in the stand. Use about 1 litre of water per inch of stem diameter and check the water level daily. Remember to turn off the tree lights before bedtime and when Christmas is over, recycle your tree responsibly — an old, dry tree is a fire hazard. 


Wrap lights around the tree’s branches for a fuller look. Add a touch of indulgence by hanging some Lindor truffles — simply use a regular ornament hook through the Lindor wings and hang.