People at a cocktail party sit around a table with Christmas ornaments, LINDOR truffles, and a fruit tray, eating chocolate cake.
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02 December 2021

Host the Season’s Best Cocktail Party

All you need are a few fun recipes, some creative cocktails, festive decor and you have yourself the makings of a great night!

Style a dessert table

The holidays are the season to indulge, so it’s time to prep those show stopping recipes you’ve been saving for a special occasion. For your table’s centrepiece, try a LINDOR Layer Cake, Checkered LINDOR Tart or Swiss Classic Chocolate and Strawberry Trifle. For snacking, put out some White Chocolate and Ricotta Crostini. And, a dessert board featuring chocolate and fruit makes an easy and delicious cocktail-party platter. Elevate yours with tasty surprises from around the globe, such as star fruit (Malaysia), kumquats (China) and blood oranges (Italy, Spain). 

Prep a cocktail station

Nothing makes guests feel at home like prepping their own drinks. On a side table or kitchen counter, place out everything for a fun Christmas cocktail like our Homemade Lindt Irish Cream. If your guests prefer wine, follow our guide for pairing chocolate and red wine, or take Lindt Maître Stefan Bruderer’s advice for a special after-dinner treat: “One easy dessert idea is to pair Lindt EXCELLENCE Chili with a glass of Prosecco or champagne.” 

Be the host with the most

For your home’s finishing touch, try making fun chocolate crafts. This LINDOR Megaball Table Runner will have your guests talking, and LINDOR Cocktail Swizzle Sticks will ensure everyone keeps their own drinks as the evening progresses.