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22 December 2020

How to Pair Chocolate with Champagne and Sparkling Wine

If you’ve ever had a champagne truffle, you know that chocolate and champagne make a delicious pair. But before you pop the cork, it’s important to note that the variety of bubbly you choose can make or break your chocolate tasting experience. For instance, very dry champagnes aren’t a good match, but sweet varieties like a sparkling rosé are better. Another tip: Look for "demi-sec" or "doux" on the label. Here, Mark Donaldson—a seasoned wine expert and educator—shares his picks for pairing two of our favourite things.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne + Excellence 78% Cacao

Unlike its peers in the Brut category, this champagne isn’t completely dry, and has a higher amount of Pinot Noir giving it power and finesse, which makes it a good companion for dark chocolate. Its toasty brioche and caramel notes also complement the toasted nut and caramel notes in the chocolate.

Santero Moscato Spumante + Excellence Orange Intense or Excellence Chili

With notes of peach and orange, this semi sweet sparkling wine pairs well with this citrus-infused chocolate. Excellence Chili would also be a good fit, as the sweetness of this sparkling wine tempers the chocolate’s spicy heat.

Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut VQA + Excellence Dark Strawberry

Sparkling rosés tend to be fuller bodied and can run the range from dry to semi-sweet, making them a solid choice for pairing with chocolate. This home-grown rosé has secondary notes of strawberry, and little bit of tannin, so it pairs nicely with this berry-flavoured dark chocolate.