Pairings Your Life with Lindt Pairings
22 December 2020

How to Pair Coffee and Chocolate


These days there are multiple ways to enjoy your daily hit of caffeine. Here, award-winning barista and coffee expert Sam James, owner of Sam James Coffee Bar, shares which brew methods and beans pair well with three popular varieties of Lindt Excellence chocolate bars.

French Press + Excellence Crunchy Cacao

French press coffee tends to be a fuller-bodied brew with a rich texture that complements the smooth chocolate, as well as the crunchiness of the cacao nibs. Make it with a nutty Colombian coffee featuring berry and chocolate notes that will enhance the bar’s complex aromas and flavours such as toasted nuts, spices, warm honey and a hint of vanilla.

Moka Pot + Excellence 70% Cacao

If you like espresso’s strong flavour and texture, but don’t have an espresso machine at home, you can use a stovetop maker like the Moka pot to brew it yourself. Try this brewing method with a sweet and nutty espresso, that will complement the subtle sweetness of this dark chocolate, and its undertones of dry cherry, orange and vanilla.

Chemex + Excellence 78% Cacao

A Chemex filter brews a delicate, complex cup of coffee. Try this pour-over style brew method with a Rwandan coffee featuring notes like toffee, and fruity flavours like mango that will enhance the sweet and creamy flavour of this dark chocolate, and pair well with its aromas of baked brownies and toasted nuts.