A close-up of a gold tray with LINDOR chocolates and a porcelain serving dish filled with chocolate bark, topped with pecans.
Expertise Your Life with Lindt Expertise
01 December 2021

Let it Glow

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that make the biggest impact. Here, we’ve reimagined the classic bar cart as an elegant sweets station that’s both cheery and inviting. Not only will it save you from an elaborate set-up, but you can prep it in advance of guests arriving and replenish as needed. Decorate it as you would any holiday tabletop, with linens, decorative trays, fresh greenery and, of course, chocolates at the ready. Use a combo of store-bought and homemade items for convenience.

  1. It's impossible to have just one bite of this Chocolate Maple Crunch (check out the recipe here).
  2. Little hands appreciate mini chocolates as they’re just the right size for nibbling.
  3. Fresh sprigs of greenery help set the festive tone.
  4. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until there’s a Lindt Chocolate Santa or two on display.

Stock small gifts like the LINDOR Assorted Ornament Treasure for unexpected guests. You never know when there will be a surprise visit.