A Lindt chef leans over to smell handfuls of cocoa beans from a burlap sack.
Your Life with Lindt
02 December 2021

Behind the creation of EXCELLENCE

As we explore the EXCELLENCE origin story, it’s important to touch on the history of chocolate, which dates back more than 3000 years. Long before there were milk and white varieties, there was dark chocolate, which originated in regions of Central and South America. It was first consumed as a bitter drink served warm and made with cacao seeds. Various ingredients were added to it, from spices like chili and vanilla, to corn and spirits, and it is believed that the Maya and Aztec people used the concoction for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. 



The rich history served as inspiration for the Lindt Maître Chocolatier who conceived the idea for EXCELLENCE. Guided by his love of world travel and cuisine, this Maître experimented and pushed boundaries, creating different blends of cocoa beans—sourced from places like Ecuador, Madagascar, Ghana and the Caribbean islands—playing with cacao percentages, and testing various ingredient combinations. The result of his research was the 70% Cacao tablet of exquisite dark chocolate. Its flavour, aroma and texture were so extraordinary, we named it EXCELLENCE. Since then, EXCELLENCE has grown to include a diverse offering of flavours and a range of cacao counts. More than 300 billion bars are enjoyed worldwide annually.


Whether you prefer savouring our chocolate on its own, one diamond at a time, or pairing it with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, the world of EXCELLENCE continues to offer you new ways to enjoy the highest quality dark chocolate.