A decorated table featuring glass bottles of chocolate with ribbon, a sprig of greenery, a small Christmas ornament and the word “Joy” in cursive.
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02 December 2021

3 Unexpected Ways to Gift Lindt Chocolate

Wrap it up

Use a variety of Lindt’s classic chocolates to upgrade your gift wrapping. Top boxes and bags with creations like a LINDOR Truffle Bow, LINDOR Holly or a super-cute Lindt Teddy Topper (perfect for the kids in your life!). 

A sweet treat

Who doesn’t appreciate a delicious homemade gift? Take an hour or two and make up a batch of Lindt EXCELLENCE Chocolate Eggnog or a delicious Chocolate Babka for friends and family. 

A perfect pairing

For the wine lovers in your life, match a bar of Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Chocolate with a bottle of red wine –you can follow our pairing guide when making the wine-chocolate selections. This popular flavour duo is Lindt Maître Chocolatier Stefan Bruderer’s go-to gift over the holiday season.