Gifts under a tree include a chocolate boot, an enormous LINDOR truffle and Lindt Teddy, and a box of LINDOR chocolates.
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02 December 2021

Your Chocolate Destination

Start with the pick-and-mix

As soon as you enter a Lindt Chocolate Shop, you’ll see a rainbow of LINDOR Truffles to choose from. Whether you want to stock up on these as gifts for decking out your home (click here), shopping this section is both flavourful and fun. You can’t go wrong with cult favourites like milk chocolate or the limited edition seasonal flavours: Candy Cane, Gingerbread and Peppermint Cookie.

Check out the Maître Chocolatier station

Picture this: Sitting at a glam marble counter surrounded by streams of rich, molten chocolate flowing from chrome gooseneck taps and nibbling on fresh, chocolate-covered strawberries while you wait for a frothy mocha topped with ribbons of chocolate shavings. Welcome to the Maître Chocolatier station (available at select stores), a.k.a your reward for finishing off your to-buy list.

Find something for everyone

Order custom chocolate moulds like Santa Claus boots and fill them with goodies, or load up on adorable Teddies and Santas. You can also find classic gifting options such as advent calendars, elegantly boxed chocolates, an impressive selection of flavourful bars and more. You’ll quickly see that Lindt Chocolate Shop staff are ready to help with any of your baking, tasting and gifting needs.