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Dark Chocolate Myths: True or False

With dark chocolate, there are often two camps: Those who feel the darker it is, the better, and those who find it intimidating. Here, we debunk what’s true and false when it comes to our favourite indulgent treat..

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? | LINDT

Vegan chocolate of all varieties exists, but is dark chocolate always naturally dairy-free? Discover how to determine what makes dark chocolate vegan-friendly.

lindt cacao beans

Different Types of Chocolate Explained | LINDT

Uncover the differences & similarities between different types of chocolate – covering ingredients, best chocolate for baking & more.

A table set with Lindt Chocolate Spread, french toast, LINDOR truffles and coffee.

4 Ways to Enjoy Lindt Chocolate Spreads

A tasty treat that’s sure to spread extra cheer these holidays.

A bottle of Antinori Pèppoli Chianti Classico with a pot of Beef Stew and a Lindt EXCELLENCE 90% Cacao Bar.

4 Red, Red Wine Pairings

Food and wine pairings to warm up as the fall Canadian weather sets in.

Glass display cases with foil wrapped gold, red and blue chocolate and piles of chocolate in front sorted by colour.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

You can never go wrong with everyone’s favourite LINDOR Truffle wrapped in shades of the season.

A Lindt chef leans over to smell handfuls of cocoa beans from a burlap sack.

Behind the creation of EXCELLENCE

In 1989, Lindt started a new chapter in chocolate—dark chocolate. It was the year EXCELLENCE was born.

Showing 9 of 90 results