A place setting with a silver napkin that has a thick ribbon in the middle, a Lindt Teddy, and the name “Claire”.
Entertaining Entertaining Entertaining
02 December 2021

Your Place Setting

  1. You’ll need one Lindt Mini Teddy for each place setting.
  2. Hot-glue the back of each Teddy to a ribbon that’s approximately 6” to 8” long. Tie the ribbon around a napkin.
  3. Trim the excess ribbon at the back of the napkin. Place the napkin on top of the plate.
  4. Tuck a hand-written name card into each place setting.

Nice touch: Use a variety of patterns and colours for a unique place setting. You can also sub in a Lindt Mini Santa for Teddy. Be sure to share your creations using #LindtTheSeason.